John Mayer’s Heartbreak Anthems

People know John Mayer as a controversial playboy and douchebag, due to his previous years dating Hollywood public figures, and interviews. He’s also known as a columnist, watch nerd and right now hosting his own live show in Instagram, Current Mood.

But behind all those gossips and social media presence, he’s always been a prolific guitarist and songwriter. In his early works, he’s already demonstrated a great skill in playing guitar. He even got a customized version of Fender’s Stratocaster and in 2016, signed a deal to create custom guitar with PRS, called PRS Silver Sky. He’s also a songwriter, known writing honest and heartfelt lyrics.


These lyrics mostly seen in his works that have broken-hearted theme. These songs are being anthem for his broken-hearted people. His music works well with the lyrics and give you that hopeless feels. Here are some of them.

Split Screen Sadness

It was said that split screen sadness refers to some old movies scene where the main characters after a breakup, in different location. They are both sad about the breakup, but really can do nothing. This song is about two lovers that already breaking up. There’s a hope that maybe their relationship can be continued, but deep down inside, they know that it’s already over. The boy still have a hope to maintain the connection and waiting for the girl to call, but the girl never did.


I’m Gonna Find Another You

It’s a story of someone who’s done crying after breaking up. The split is final and the boy finally able to accept that their relationship is over. Though, he still feels some bitterness and disappointment. He then made promises that he will find another someone after he can make peace with himself, maybe someone better than his previous lover. It’s a short and beautiful track, showing how we still have hope after hurtful moments.


Edge of Desire

A lot of people love this song for its soothing and slow feeling. Some other, love it for its meaningful lyrics. It’s about someone wanting someone, hopelessly. Maybe once in your life, you will find someone so special but sadly, you can’t be together. So all you do is thinking about him/her, hoping that somehow, you two will be together. John Mayer’s deep voice also give this song another lost and hopeless feeling.


In Your Atmosphere

This song is never included in John Mayer’s studio albums, but included in his live album Where The Light Is, that documented his performance in Nokia Theatre on 2007. It was played live several times and actually one of his early songs. It’s getting applaud from the fans because of Mayer’s performance with only his guitar and how he sang his heart out. The song itself has honest, meaningful and heart wrenching lyrics without really mentioning any heartbreaking episodes.


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

This is a song that can make your heart aches just by listening to its first notes. This song is telling the story of the two lovers that try to be together but something in life drifting them apart. They know that finally they have to split, but they can’t let go of each other. So they’re waiting as long as they can even though it hurt them (hence the term ‘slow dancing in a burning room). Its studio version is already sad and heartbreaking, but you really have to see it being played live to see how a song can trigger a mass heartbreak.


so which one pull your heart strings the most ?

share me your thought

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