#130 intermezzo : Indonesia Etc

the UK cover
currently, i just love browsing around NatGeo web. no special reason, i just love reading the articles about animals and looking at the photos.

but today i found an article about Indonesia Etc. it’s a book written by Elizabeth Pisani, a former journalist who traveled our country, to meet and talk to Indonesians. she then fell in love with Indonesia and write a book, Indonesia Etc. the title is kinda funny, right ? ternyata itu diambil dari Proklamasi lho (hayo pada tau ga bagian mananya ?). she found it depict Indonesian spirit.

she also called Indonesia as ‘bad boyfriend’ and ‘improbable nation’. she not only describe Indonesia’s nature as wonderful, but also studying about our culture, which is very different with hers. in the books, she also talked about our politics and social issues.

we do love our country, despite of its seemingly endless problems; we’re developing country anyway. our country surely is in path to be more developed and to be better for its citizen. we do a lot of introspection to find our black holes and fix them. but maybe we need to see ourselves from another’s perspective; because sometimes, gajah di pelupuk mata tak tampak, right ?

reading the article, i found about how foreigner sees our country. not only the problems, but also our strength, our diversity, our kindness. but the thing is, we haven’t realize it yet. i haven’t tried to search the book yet, maybe next time when i drop by bookstores.

so, take your time reading the article and web. hope it will enlightened you.

smell you later !!

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