#108 quick review : Gagas Media’s Setiap Tempat Punya Cerita

hello !! how’re you doing ? good, i believe.
Jakarta’s in gloomy mood lately. raining almost everyday, creating traffic jam and make your mood bad in a sudden. to make the day brighter, i usually come home earlier. have i told you that am not in my best condition ? i got very sick since the beginning of the month. headache, butterfly in tummy, and also vomit. yeah yeah, i know what you think. but all i got was single red line. so, we have to wait another day to welcome her / him 🙂

aaaanyway, i was diagnosed with sinusitis and maag. it’s getting better but i still have to take care of my health. being alone when you already married is suck. all you want and need is your husband. *lalu mewek kenceng*.

okay, let the mellow things blown away *shoo shoo*. i wanna tell you about my current favorite series from Gagas Media. i always bring a book in a flight, so i won’t get bored while waiting for the boarding call. and this series is one of my favorite; Semua Tempat Punya Cerita Series.

So this series is about love *oh yeah, what else ?* that happen in some different places. say it, Roma, Bangkok, Tokyo, dll, dsb, dst. some of them are semi-rubbish. but the other is painfully beautiful. the best part of this series ? it makes you want to go to the places. some of the character is already a resident, some others are just a visitor. and here we go, my quick review about the novels in the series :D. this won’t be about the plot. this will be about how i feel reading the novels. *note : using Indonesian feels more comfortable :p*

novel pertama yang gue beli. not my favorite. penggambaran suasana Paris nya juga kurang. ceritanya nggantung dan berakhir dengan ‘krik’. 6/10.

don’t really remember the plot. seriously. setting dimana keunyuan terjadi justru di Bali. meskipun happy endingnya di Roma sih… tapi tetep, nggak nempel di hati. 6,5/10.

jujur, pas pertama baca langsung curiga kalo novel ini bakal punya tema macem Lelaki Terindah-nya Andrei Aksana. but i think the basic idea is good. menelusuri masa lalu selalu menyenangkan ya. and the nggantung ending is a twist. tokoh cowok narsistiknya juga gue suka. not bad lah. 7,5/10.

my super favorite. konsep novelnya bagus, tiap bab diwakili satu lagu. i even chose songs in my wedding based on this book. dan lagu lagunya gue banget. dan novel ini galaunya dark banget. i love both of the main characters. si cowok kinda geeky, and the girl is galau, tapi ngga menye. love it. 9/10.

openingnya sungguh ‘apaan sih’. but the author is good in describing. seriously. lo akan bisa merasakan hujan di London, bau restoran, dan bahkan hampir melihat ekspresi tokohnya. konflik-nya agak yuk mari sih ya sebenernya, tapi termaafkan deh. 7,5/10.

the newest one. ga punya ekspektasi apa apa saat beli, karena Jepang sudah seharusnya dibuatkan cerita yang super unyu dan oke; sedangkan di novel novel sebelumnya cuman satu yang bisa bikin gue puas. but this one is good. selain karena nama tokohnya sama kayak gue *no kidding lho ini*, juga karena ceritanya asik. kalimat percakapannya ngga kaku dan si cowok tipe tipe kesukaan gue, muahahaha. some cheesy scenes are cheesy, but still, this one is good. 8/10.

well, that’s all. i warned you before :p.
even though some novels are semi-rubbish, but this series is really good. Gagas maybe can develop it so not only ‘common’ cities appear, but also the more exotic ones.
oh and the packaging is actually lovable. you must be already notice the beautiful covers. and in every book, you will find a postcard about the city. and there are some sketches. and don’t forget, some mellow quotes. it’s Gagas anyway 🙂

smell you later, people 😀

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