#107 moving on

howdy people ? 😀

argh, i have so many things to write, but can’t decide which one should be written first. still have promises to sok sokan reviewing the wedding vendor, tapi yaaa… begitulaaahh…

so yeah, am already a married person. a lady. will be having ‘Mrs’ in front of my name from now on. eventhough i haven’t experience the ‘real’ marriage life, since my lovely mantan pacar husband still having some assignments in tuban.

that was a real issue. when we will live after getting married, i mean. me, started to settle down in this J town, while he moved far away in Tuban. should i move ? should he move ? aish, we’re still looking for the answer from God, mihihi and hopefully He will answer it soon. amiiiin 🙂

aaanyway, we already planned that we will make some times to meet, in Jakarta. so i do need to move, since my boarding house is small and restricted for men. i was looking for a rented house, near my office (that will be moved to TB Simatupang next year). but the price is so high. can’t really remember how, but we managed to move to this boarding house.

boarding house ? not a house ? yep. since i will stay here by myself *sementara ajaaa, amiiin*, so we decide to move to boarding house. easier and simpler for the time being. i believe we’ll manage to get a house for us, when the time is right. God always give us what we need, in the right time, in the right place, in the right way 🙂

and this is maybe sounds weird, but i find him being a tidy person. my room was a mess. i got headache just by thinking how should i pack all my belongings. and surprisingly he just needs 1 day to make those printilans in the box and ready to be delivered. now i have no worries about packing anymore, muahahahaha *ditabok*

my belongings when i move from jogja to solo. now you can imagine how bad i am in packing :p

phew, what an optimistic post !! well, we all should be, right ?
so, catch you later ? 😀

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