#106 my eyes on them

hello, people !!
it feels like ages since I post my last galau post, muehehe…

life’s been hard and harder you know.
i’m so busy preparing my big you-know-what day. so many printilan to do, so many stress to arise.
and office are having the auditor here and there. dan gue tambah stress.


dan kalo stress begini, yg dilakuin kalo ga ndengerin musik ya browsing *all hail internet kantor !!*. tapi ya gitu, makin banyak aja gue belanjanya…
apalagi sekarang banyak ol shop di instagram yang produknya unyuuuuu…

*dijitak pacar*

sooo, there’s some things my eyes are currently on… *males ngasi gambar, gpp yak :p*
gotosovie >> I can’t save the pics, so go visit them yooo…
popflats >> cute flats from Diana Rikasari (>o<)
UP >> the super legendary shoes. I just keep loving them. one of their collection will be a part of my big day. stay close 😀
kaffah >> sells pashmina in so many cute colors. baru tau loh ternyata perburuan pashmina cerruti itu kejam ternyata… I planned to make a little opini about this *halah nggaya*

so I think that’s all.
*I was planned to have a usual Friday overtime. but my manager already going home, YAY !!*
*beres beres*

kiss you later, people

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