#103 : current addiction

hello !!
howdy people ? I wish you all had a nice Lebaran holiday :D. i’m still in office, doing my usual Friday overtime. the best part of it is I can do blogging without worrying about my boss *oops*. I used to writing at home and just copy paste it to blogger; but now I prefer write it directly here.
so, what’s up ? aaahh.. I have so many things to share, but it’s so much I can’t decide which one first, muehehehe. btw, don’t you think my blog is so much blabbering ? I think I want to post something more emotional (or sweet) like this one *smirk*. so let me share about my current addiction 😀
current addiction :
– Leessang’s songs. I think I watch Running Man too much. but hey, it’s fun !!
– bubur ayam. I eat it for breakfast. it’s easy to digest, yummy and cheap. *kecup abangnya*
– sleeping in mat. okay, the main reason is I was so lazy to clean up the room. so I put everything in bed and let the floor clean. no problems so far.
– juicing. started since month ago gara gara keseringan instagraman and still continue it until now. my fave is banana – strawberry – cinnamon combo. should I post the recipe ?
– exercising. no, not the real exercises. it’s actually a stretching plus push ups and try-to-do-so-many-position-that-said-can-burn-the-belly-fat. the D-day is coming, captain !!
oh and I’m so in love with peach and mint color nowadays. I just realized that the color combo is soooo beautiful. and I can’t stop to looking at these beautiful products in peach – mint combo.
who doesn’t love dots ?
cute earings !! aaa… I want them !!
too sweet too ignore :3
babe, how about twins ? *senyum (sok) menggoda)
i’m so in love with the color and I want to change the blog color into them !! *but I don’t know how* *susah ya jadi gatek*
soooo… catch you later, people !!

*all pics are on google*

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