#98 seduced by the rain

i should be doing my ‘homework’. but the rain is so hard and say no to blanket and pillow seems to be the hardest thing to do *sigh*. so, what kind of homework that given to me ? my manager is actually graduated from same university (and major) with me. so basically, he’s my senior. he made a program about innovation and grouped us into several team. it’s like business plan competition. university all over again :D.

me myself is interested with this program, since it’s very related w/ management, strategic, dll dsb. but in the other side, i feel kinda afraid. it’s been a while since i thinking / reading about strategic management, so i really need some time to get the feel. so, yeah, pray me *puppy eyes*.

aaanyway, i met my man yesterday. it was a very short date. the plant is in the middle of overhaul, so he needs to work 12 hrs per day with his team. it’s hard, especially for me *klayu*. he almost had no time to sending sms or make a call. but, yesterday, he finally met me :D.

btw, i’m so in love with this leather / wool jacket. found it in IFW and i fell in love at first sight. the brand is Fraiย , a local brand. go check their facebook ๐Ÿ˜€

the color is so pretty :*
Frai Jacket, USG shirt, Up wedges
veil, inner veil, bow belt : unbranded

so, what are you up to lately, people ? ๐Ÿ˜€

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