#97 dressed for…

have you read yoris sebastian newest book, 101 Creatives Notes ? i bought it several days ago and i thought the book was amazing !! yoris shared his tips (or according to the title, notes) about how to be and stay creative. he wrote those notes, edited pictures, browsed quotes, all done by his Samsung Galaxy Notes 10.1. (i still wondering why Samsung didn’t ask him to be their brand ambassador or something).
several tips are also in my resolution. for example, notes #10 : Drink a lot of Water. i try to do this, since i rarely feel thirsty. or notes #28 : Read Twitter, hahaha. i love doing this, since i can get a lot of information from it. i’m following people who have fun timeline and also willing to share their knowledge. but what i love the most was notes #42 : Dress Well.
yoris said, if we dressed well, we’ll feel good. and if we feel good, our mood will follow. i experienced it myself. by dressed well, we’ll feel more confident and happy. i feel excitement when i’m standing in front of my wardrobe, choosing what to wear today, how can we mix matching the clothes. that’s why we women love fashion, rite ?
i never want to be addressed as a fashionista or something. i just want to feel comfortable and confident with what i wear. and as a muslimah, i should dressed in syar’i way. since now a lot of muslimah fashion blogger, we have sooo many references. my favorites are ghaida’s and siti’s. go check them.
as for me, i have a very basic style, hahaha. i usually just put jeans with t shirt and veil. or in upgraded version, i wear dress or skirt and casual veil. being a muslimah makes you have a lot of way to mix matching clothes. (and you have to have veil, inner and manset in many colors *sigh*)
favorite color palette nowadays : peach and orange.
all : unbranded :p
so, dressed up and be happy, ladies !! cheers to you 😀

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