#96 Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Japanese design !! kawaii, isn’t it ?

who doesn’t love fashion ? or at least looking at beautiful clothes, bags or shoes. well, I do love it :p. so when i heard that there’ll be IFW in JCC, i was enthusiastically looking for the information. it was held in JCC, 14 – 17 February 2013. since i will go to Jogja in friday, i decided to visit IFW in its first day, thursday. aaand, mba Aliah finally accompany me, yippi !!

so, there’s a lot of beautiful clothes and bag and shoes and accessories you can find there. and a lot of batik. you know, Indonesian actually are very creative. we found a batik seller that made beautiful dresses (though the price wasn’t that beautiful *sigh*). also clothing with cute cutting. and a lot of hijab seller. i tried to visit every stand, but one day isn’t enough. soooo many products to look at, so many stand to visit.

so here some pics from IFW.

complicated yet beautiful designs

the right one was my fave !!

found a cute elephant made from batik !!

IFW 2013 alley and stands

did i buy something ? mwahaha, it’s still a secret :p

aaanyway, i was in jogja in saturday, attended nia’s wedding. congratulations dear Ratu Donat, wish you all happiness on earth !! stay happy and fabulous 😀

grundy, me, simbah, budhe. happy and beautiful bridesmaids 😀

well, catch you later people ? cheers.

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