#93 when plan A is failed to be accomplished

hello people, happy Saturday y’all !! 😀

how are you ? i believe you all are in a good shape and good health, amiiin. well, actually me myself don’t think i’m in a good condition since i just realize that i gain weight (a lot) and now i feel lethargic. yea yea, i know, i have to do more exercise, and try to control my desire on food :p.

well, since i want more exercise, i begin to looking for opportunity to do some after working hours. some things came out. badminton, running, tennis, fitness.

then suddenly, something popped out. why don’t i try to swim regularly again ?

that’s why, i call my friend arum to swim together. we planned to go to Senayan swimming pool on Thursday, after office hour. but turned out it closed for public after 4 pm, so we have to go on Saturday or Sunday. then, we decided to go again on Saturday. but then comes this heavy rain and we stuck at Pacific Place.

when plan A is failed to be accomplished, there go plan B.

and what’s our plan B ? mall-ing of course, hahaha. with the excuses that, ‘2 hours walking around the mall burns same kal with 30 minutes running’*, we mall-ing happily. but first, we were looking for something to eat, and Fish & Co sounds so yummy. so we took a seat and waiting the waitress. but the waitress was so jutek, and lelet, and wagu. we left Fish & Co immediately. so disappointed, since i already ngiler after smell the fish and chips.

then we go to this small curry restaurant, named Go ! Curry. it was a small restaurant, with simple but cute interior. the walls were unfinished, and the sofa was comfortable. i chose to eat Chicken Katsu Mild Curry with something Butter Rice and Earl Grey tea (nggaya). and, it was sooooo delicious. i munched happily, even when i’m already full. and the tea was great. i drank it without sugar, yet it still tasted very nice.
their special menu
interior. and bule who munched his curry in kecepatan cahaya
cute mat 😀
Go ! Curry
hey, Go ! Curry, do you people also doing delivery ?

*i’m surprised seeing my writing. dulu kayaknya kalo nulis bisa banyak banget dah (-___-“)
and as you noticed, i’m losing my ability with words. and grammar. and idiom. and yay-ness. i’m in the middle of upgrading my level in time management, so i can do all my hobbies – including blogging –  without leaving my work and home tasks. and yes, it’s hard.

so that’s why, i decided to buy this 😀
Yoris Sebastian’s 101 Creative Notes
101 Creative Notes by Yoris Sebastian. he wrote all the articles in his Samsung Galaxy Note. i should’ve able to do that. hope this book will be useful, amiiin 😀
cheers to you, people 😀

kosan. SNSD – I Got A Boy.

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