#92 : a lovely saturday

Adhitia Sofyan’s latest album

aloha buddy !! how you’re doing ? good i believe 😀
actually i’m kinda confused about what to tell you. at first i’m gonna tell you about my job, but i think i’ll end up whining, so maybe not this time. i just downloaded Adhitia Sofyan’s newest album, How To Stop Time; but i don’t know whether i’ll make the review or not (but i still put the cover’s pic, hehe). so i’ll just gonna tell you about last Saturday.

it’s all began when my friends who was away for training is come to Narogong. they asked me to go out in Saturday, so i took the bus to Narogong in Friday night. but it turned out to be cancelled *elus elus dada*. so i ended up spent the night in Narogong with Aida. i also met some of my friends and had nice chit chat. and in Saturday morning, we had nothing to do as usual.

so i decided to go to Cibubur Junction. after i asked my friends to go with me (and nobody joined), me and my man go there. just the two of us. yah itung itung pacaran di hari sabtu lah ya. before reach it, we stopped in Cibubur Factory Outlet. they sell very nice clothes and i was surprised because they have so many jackets and sweaters. but the best thing is they have discounted items in the third floor. the items were discounted because they have some dirt or lose a button. i found cute coat and jacket there.
unbranded veil, inner veil, legging – kailie shoppe dress – crocs abal abal :p
and my man was in the same mood with me that day. shopping mood, hihi. he happily looked at the clothes and tried some. he gained some kilos during his training time in malang and his clothes start to feel sesak. but, still, it’s him. he found this white long jacket (or coat ?) and excitedly tried it. darl, you seriously looked like a character from Japanese yakuza movie. a handsome one, for sure :p
mas mas yakuza narogong
after that, we finally reached Cibujang. and i really miss those old times. when we have nowhere to go in weekend except Cibujang (and Plasa Cibubur). and we were really wandering around. but in the end, i still have to go back to Jakarta (ya iyalah, belom saaaaaah). but yes, i’m happy :D. after his loooong journey to vietnam, back and forth Narogong – Tuban, training time in Malang & Solo. he finally here, again. eventhough both of us don’t know where we will be next year (my company is in expansion mode and org. structure is in change, so probably one of us will be moved somewhere), we just happily enjoy the moment. i believe you do, too.
Adhitia Sofyan – Secrets of The World.
PS : i will try my best to make this blog ‘alive’ again 😀

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