#91 : quick update – celebrating the year

howdy people ? :p

well, i’m sitting in front of my laptop, listening to John Mayer’s newly-released Born and Raised album. and suddenly i feel this weird urge to write. i don’t know what i’m gonna write, so, just keep reading :p
actually, i’m waiting my bf to call. he’s playing Dota (anyone mind to explain the game to me ?) with his friend, and i decided to watch Bones. i finished 4 episodes and he hasn’t finished the game yet *elap keringet*. not that i’m complaining or being whiny or something, but he hasn’t call or text me and i just… wondering.

okay, let’s skip the waiting-call-gf thingy. today is my first day at job, officially. well, you know, after a year full with training, now it’s the time to having the real responsibilities and do the real job. i must say i’m feeling grateful :D. my score wasn’t that good (oh yeah, blame those technicalities ya :p), but i got a good job with nice work atmosphere. just pray me for the best, people J

and, the last 3 days was hilarious. i met again my friends in the same program and we had so many chit chat. the stories about recruitment are being told again. we were remembering our first days in this company, laughed again and again. some people are changed, either in good or bad ways; but now we learned how to deal with those changes. how to give more chances, help others and being sympathetic.

if i’m looking back what has happened to me in the last 1 year, i really must say i’m grateful. so many mistakes i made, means so many things i learned in order to fix it. so many new people, means so many new ways to deal with them. so many things happened, and i’m grateful J. not only for what happened to me, but also for new friends i found here, especially those magnificent 27. 27 serious, smart (yet stupid in their own way), funny and caring people. ah, i really miss spending time with you guys 😀

and specifically, 9 people who tied with me in the you-know-what department. thank you for accepting me for what i am, even though i could be so troublesome for you guys. being the only person who didn’t have technical background is always hard, but they make it easier for me. i love you, people; i really do.

and last but not least,
selamat satu tahun ya para calon mantu idaman !!

(selamat berbaju oranye ya teman teman :D)

kamar kosan. JM’s Born and Raised.

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