#90 : The Titanic Chronicle

if you know me well, you must be aware that i’m a big fans of Leonardo DiCaprio. not die hard fans, but i always think that he’s Hollywood best actor. i was captivated by his charm when i watched Titanic for the first time he looked like a prince, so handsome, wild and graukable. i was still in 3rd grade when it released. you know, my father bought me 3-disc vcd with the paint and car scene included in disc 2. everytime we reach that scenes, my father will turn off the TV, but kept the player on. after the scenes done, he would turn the TV on again, hahaha.

but Titanic is really awesome. i’m not talking about James Cameron’s movie only, but also its real story. about it curse, ghosts or treasures. but for me, the most captivating story is about the people. people who was there for the maiden voyage of the unsinkable ship. they are real people and moreover, most of them are rich and honored. mention JJ Astor, the unsinkable Molly Brown or Strauss couple. how Ida Strauss refused to leave the ship because she wanted to be with her husband ‘til the very end, or about the ship’s band that keep playing the song until water washed them all.

i think those real stories really give some added value to the movie. fortunately, Cameron really careful in dig the story and wrote the script. he even did some undersea research to get Titanic real views. you know, dive that far just to know how the ship’s now is really crazy. spend a lot of money just to see the ship wreck ? sure, people will think you ARE crazy. but Titanic is more than just a ship wreck. it was called ‘Unsinkable’. the most glamorous ship. big, lux and strong. so many lives lost, so many unexplained mysteries there.

and this year, it’s been 100 years since her fall. people will keep digging about the stories, the mysteries, the gimmicks about her. and to comemorating it, James Cameron re-released the movie in 3D. yes. Titanic in 3D. people will tell that Cameron do this to earn money. but Cameron himself is a Titanic mania. he said that he made the movie so he would get the permission to do the undersea research.

as for me, i was going to cinema because i want to see Jack Dawson in 3D. people kept saying that i’m wasting my time, since i watched the movie several times. but i believe, there must be something more. so i kept going to cinema (and left my bf, because he’s concentrating on his FP *kecup jauh*).

and i’ll never regret my decision. it was awesome. yea yea i know. bagian mananya sih yg 3D ? you have to watch it yourself to know :p

sooo, it’s not about Leo DiCaprio. or the movie. it’s about the ship and the stories. the people.

btw, my company is also turning 100 years this year. YAY ! 😀 wish you all the greatness, pabrik semen 😀

see you later, people. cheers.

PS : i cried so hard when Jack is died and Kate let go his hand, huhu

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