#89 : money matters

hello there people !! how are you ? hope you all are safe and sound. and of course, enjoying your life :D. enjoy it as much as possible, okay ? i also try to do so actually, ehehe.

soooo, i want to tell you something i’ve been up to lately. besides my lovely final project, i’m in the middle of small project of organizing my money usage. this was started when i was so surprised seeing my saldo in ATM. i always try to saving some money, so it’s kinda sad seeing the saldo. i tracked back my spending and found that some spending are hard to tracked because i already lost the struck (-___-“).

then i remember something. when i was in college, i joined #30HariCatatPengeluaran. it was a movement in twitter, made by Ligwina Hananto, an independent financial planner. it was about recording your spending. this was done to see our spending pattern. i was stopped recording in day #10. so i decide to make something like that (since i lost the template made by mbak Wina).

you only need an excel sheet file to do it. put your spending, record the amount and if you’re able to, the evidence. by the end of the month you will be able to see how much money you spent along the month. so i try to record every spending i made this month. i started it in the beginning of April and right now i already reach day #8, hehe. hope i can finish it, yaaaayy :D. a little tips for you, record your spending before you go to sleep. if you record it the following day, there’s possibility that you will forget about what you bought and how much was the price.

by the way, mba Wina also made a book about stronger middle class. i forgot the title actually, but you can go search it in nearest bookstore. one of my friend, Essa, already read it, so i think i will borrow the book from him :p. i think organizing money is very important thing, both for ladies and gents, since our spending is fully dependent to ourselves. we ourselves that decide what to buy to fulfill our needs and what price that we can afford. some person can be very royal and spend the money in short time, and another can be very medit. but again, it’s all depend on yourself, your lifestyle, your taste and life goals.

sooo, i think that’s all. i hope all of us can organize our money better, because all of us have dream that maybe need some money to reach it *you must know what i mean, haha*. oh, and if you want to know more about financial plan or something like that, you can follow mba Wina in twitter. she’s nice kok. 😀

catch you later, people. cheers.

kamar kosan. BSB – Never Gone

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