#88 : not an end

aloha !!

so, how you’re doing, people ? something fun, i hope :D. well, life being kinda hard and challenging lately. well, life i mean, job. yep, i mentioned before that i’m in a so-called training period right now. and this period surely such a stress for me. why ? because we have to make a simple improvement or project related to our department. and i simply can’t think anything *jedotin kepala*. but i know everything will be good in the end. hopefully 😀

still related with the training period, last week was fun yet tiring for me. physically and emotionally. we had an outbond session in Puncak and it was soooo fun !!. not only me and my friends, but also our colleagues from logistics also joined. new friends and new experiences. the place actually so cold and i almost died freezin’ there. but it was so beautiful with pool, field and some flowers in nursery. we had some games session and a lot of laughters and pranks, so fun !!

after the outbond thing, sadly, we have a farewell party for some of our friends. so as you know, my company has another plant in cilacap. some of the trainees has to go there to finish the OJT thingy. actually, cilacap is not that far. it’s reachable by 6-hours-train. but it’s always sad knowing friends that start-to-close to you now will be gone. so, those magnificent 6 are ipunk, essa, ferry, gunyu, ganda and mas aji.

ipunk and ferry was my friend since elimination round in jogja, so i have these mixed feelings about their departure. sad, proud and happy, knowing i have friends like them. ipunk, especially, is very happy movin’ out to cilacap (he called i cilapop, mwahahaha) because he can see his gf often *alasan yang sungguh cihui, pank !!*. so, i really hope they’re doing well there 😀

aaaaahh, i hope me myself can have more spirits for this training period and final project thingy. am having conversations with my boy and told him about these worrying things. and he keep ensuring me that i’m capable in doing this *menangis terharu di pundak pacar*. we’re just having our monthlyversary recently, yaaaayyy *lope lope di udara*. thank you, catman, i love you :3. *anyone want to guess months we passed together ? :p*

well, honestly i’m still in the office. i talked about my FP with my friend, and got stucked, so here i am. i love quiet place to work. oh, i’ll go home right after i post this, i promise *sun jauh sama pacar*

so, smell you later, people.

*office. John Mayer – All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye*


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