#87 : after left

annyeong !!

o’shashiburiii 😀

well, I think my blog is already categorized as ‘terbengkalai’, since the last post was on October, hehe. I admit that you need a lot of niat to do blogging, even if there are a lot of things in your mind, but if you don’t have that niat thing, it won’t be realized. plus, at that time, the one who was the most committed to me, who always accompany me in library, in good and bad, in happiness and madesuness, my lovely laptop, soshi, is broken. I still can use my PC actually, but all I did was watching House and Bones, haha. what can I say ? I was a stressed jobless girl back then.

ah, you must be concerned that my writing style already changed. haha.

well well well, what should I told you first ? one of my last posts was about my graduation day, a year ago. a really important yet unyu moment in my life. who’s stupid who woke up at 5.30 while all the graduate have to go to GSP at 6 ? haha, naaah, don’t talk about that okay, I’m getting more and more embarrassed now :p

umm, so let’s say I left this blog for almost a year now, and yes, a year can make a lot of differences. i already have a job now, in one of Switzerland company, begins with H. actually, I was accepted in an MT-like program. in this program, I get 3 months training class, 6 months rotational OJT and 3 months dedicated OJT. and right now, I’m reaching the first month of the dedicated OJT. soooo, pray me and my final project to be done on time, on budget, on quality, amiiin 😀 (it feels like I came back to my tujuh huruf time, haha)

I’ve got so many new things in my job. about people, about the company, and of course about the technicalities (-____-“) (being honest, those technicalities were really nightmares for me). I got new friends with various personality, ability and background. ah, maybe I have to write a post dedicated for those things I wrote above, hehe

and for you who befriended with me in pesbuk, or met me recently, you maybe know that I’m no longer single. mwahahaha. those jomblo days are already over, haha. thank’s to the most handsome person in H cement manufacturing, thank you for save me from those galau days and from madesuness. ahaha. thank you for always being soooooo patient and understanding. I love you 😀 (maybe I’ll write a bit of him in here and there, just wait :p)

sum this post up, I think I’ll try to write again, like my old days, but with different style and topic of course. people do change. oh, and I’ll try my best to write in English. my English ability is kinda decreasing and I can’t differ one tenses to another right now. what a pity.

soooo, I think that’s all. see you later, people 😀


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