#51 be RICH !

tadi sore, gue sama kiki pergi ke pameran pendidikan amerika di phoenix. ga ada tujuan khusus si, cuman pengen cari informasi aja.
di stand salah satu universitas (nama dirahasiakan), terjadilah percakapan ini.
ipeh (ip); bapak2 universitas (bu)

ip : do you have master program for management ? marketing maybe ?
bu : of course we have. (ngasih list jurusan)
ip : how long does master program took ? for marketing ?
bu : marketing master program take 2 years
ip : i see. do you provide scholarship ?
bu : yes, for some major. what major do you interested in ?
ip : marketing
bu : oh i’m really sorry. there is no scholarship for business major.
ip : heh ? but why ?
bu : because people in business major make a lot of money.
ip : HAH ??
bu :yeah, you make a lot of money
ip : not me, not yet
bu : you will (sambil ketawa geli)

haha, speechless abis deh gue. tapi diaminin aja kali ya.. AMIIINNN !! =)



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